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Congregational Vitality Pathway

RCA Farwest Region

the Veritas moment

Veritas means "telling the truth".  "Are we willing to tell the truth?", is one question. Another question is, "Are we willing to hear the truth?"  A third is, "What are we willing to do about the truth?"  

True story – A man named Mark had a heart attack and survived.  His doctor told him that he had to lose a lot of weight, if he was going to have a good quality of life afterwards and lessen the chance of a future heart attack

Mark hired a weight loss counselor.  Together, they determined that Mark needed to loose 150 pounds!

A lot of weight!

When Mark had lost 80 pounds he went to his counseling session and shared how happy he was that he could now wear several nice suits that had been hanging in his suits for years. 

The counselor had only 3 words for Mark – Burn those suits!

Mark could not understand this comment – he tried to argue about how important it was for him to get this reward – the suits cost a lot – he had been saving them for a long time-  Mark though that this was a great blessing.

The counselor didn’t argue – she just calmly repeated three words: 

Burn those suits!

Mark was hurt, angry and did not understand – but those words just kept echoing in his head and he wanted to know what the meant.

Mark’s counselor was speaking the truth to teach Mark a very important lesson – that could save his life –

What was the truth?

The counselor know that the next 70 pounds would be harder to lose than the first 80. 

If Mark stopped now or rested now or became complancent now – chances are he would not continue and could quickly slip back…  

Burn those suits!

The wise counselor knew better than to be drawn into an arguement with Mark because then Mark would be arguing with the wrong person… and might have never made the decision he needed to make.

It took a few days, but Mark wrestled with himself. He decided to hear the truth and speak the truth.  and then he did something about the truth– and took a deep breath and burnt the suits.

He was willing to do what ever it took to lose the weight…

Are we willing to do what it takes to be healthy missional churches?  That is the veritas moment


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