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Congregational Vitality Pathway

RCA Farwest Region

A candid interview with Pastor Steve Norman

New Hope Community church has been walking along this Congregation Vitality Pathway for a while now.  Just where is this pathway going?  

Good question!  Hopefully and God willing, the pathway is leading New Hope Community Church to be a healthy missional church.  By healthy we mean passionate about Jesus and by missional we mean passionate about what Jesus is passionate about.  Healthy has to do with the ways we support and encourage each other as we grow together in our faith as a Christian community.  Missional has to do with how we reach out beyond our church community into larger surrounding community and share God’s love in practical and caring ways.

When does the journey along the pathway end?

Another good question!  I couldn’t come up with a better question if I was writing the questions myself. (Oops, never mind, I am writing them myself.)  Anyway – When does the journey end?  Hopefully and God willing, it never ends.  The journey to health is a life long journey.  We always need to be growing in our walk with Jesus.  Reaching out beyond our walls will continue until Jesus returns.  Every year we need to circle back, reflect on where God is leading and submit our ways to Him. 

What is the next step on the pathway?

Thought you’d never ask.  Hopefully and God willing, we are headed towards a major crossroad along the pathway- The Service of Consecration.  We will be learning more about this in weeks to come. It is a special worship service, where we set ourselves apart and renew our commitments to follow Jesus as individuals and as a church.  Along the way, we will be working more on our relational covenant, reviewing our Biblical story, getting updates from the Vitality Team and more.

So, you have said, “Hopefully and God willing” three times so far in this interview. Any reason for that or do you simply have a limited vocabulary?

Hopefully and God willing, we will remember that our hope and vitality comes from God.  He is the one who leads and guides us along the pathway.  He is the one who gives us strength to follow and walk the walk.  The pathway is all about following Jesus, the one who walks before us, behind us and alongside us.  As we walk this path together, if we all stay close to Jesus, we will be right where He wants us to be – Healthy and missional to His glory and by His power.  We have a great God and great reason for hope at New Hope Community Church.


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