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What is a Relational Covenant?

A Relational Covenant is guide for how to deal with conflict and hard conversations in our church family.  Relational Covenants are not new.  They are found all through scripture from the Garden of Eden to Mount Sinai and in Paul’s letters to the early church. 

Actually every family and every church already has a relational covenant.  But they might not know it!  We all have ways that we “agree” to handle issues and conflicts.  Only we might have never actually spoken about these ways to handle conflict or even discussed how we view the role of conflict in our lives.  In most of our families and churches we “agree” by simply slip into these ways and habits over the years.

Problems arise when the ways that we deal with issues and conflicts have never really been explained or even discussed.   Sometimes the accepted ways we deal with issues and conflicts are neither healthy nor Biblical.  Sometimes issues and conflicts are not resolved and linger hidden under the surface coloring all we do.  Sometimes important differences are never realized, truth is not spoken in love, and growth does not take place because conflict is feared.

A Relational Covenant is not a law, but a lifestyle.  A Relational Covenant is just as much about process as it is about outcome. It is also something that we need to talk about and understand and practice as we seek to grow in Christ and serve Him together. 

Contact us if you would like to learn how your church could develop a Relational Covenant.  You can find samples of Relational Covenants on our Resource Page.

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