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Congregational Vitality Pathway

RCA Farwest Region

Ideas For Vitality Sermons

Vitality Sermons



These are vitality sermons that can be customized for specific church contexts. Each sermon falls in one (or more) of three general categories of planning, leadership and relational covenants. Each description indicates purpose and some content. There is also a suggestion of appropriateness by the Veritas architecture: HM, S, CM, AR.



Mission, Vision, Values


Mission Muddle

Acts 1:1-11

It’s easy to get confused about our mission. But, this we can know for sure: It is a gospel mission of the cross (martyrs). It needs to be intentionally inclusive of geographies and cultures. And most importantly, it’s Christ’s mission; He will always be with us. This is a Mission 101 sermon to encourage missional thinking or to launch a planning process.



Balancing Mission and Needs

Acts 6:1-7

What do we do when the needs of people conflict with the mission of the church? We take both seriously. We honor the gifts God has given to His church; especially in terms of equipping and service gifts. This is a good message to validate the tension and/or create appropriate tension between mission and needs; i.e., if a church is too far to one extreme or another.



Values Testing Time

John 6:5-6

Jesus is testing us to see how we will respond to the challenges of this day. Fortunately, He already knows exactly what He is going to do! This is a great motivational reminder that in Christ we can overcome any obstacle; it can be easily adapted to specific areas of testing for any church.



Find Your Story in His Story!

Various passages

The Bible tells the story of God: God is relational by nature; He created us in His image to be in relationship with Him; we severed relationship at the Fall; God’s first covenant to restore relationship was squandered by Israel; God’s second covenant was inaugurated in Christ; and relationship will be fully restored at Christ’s return. If our individual lives are to find purpose, we must find our story in God’s story. If our churches are to realize their vision, mission and values, we must find our story in God’s story. This is a good sermon to set up the work of a Vitality Team to uncover their biblical story.



Catalytic Leadership


Christ and Culture

1 Peter 1:13-25

In this passage Peter gives us a great construct for thinking about Christ and culture. His basic message is that we should neither separate or assimilate; we should instead become holy lovers. This sermon will help a church think about meaningful cultural engagement. It’s also another good one to stimulate missional thinking and/or encourage incarnational outreach.



Raise the Sail!

Eph 5:15-21

The commandment to be filled with the Spirit is a clear call to the church to continually seek the empowerment of God’s Spirit. We can’t effect change on our own; but we can put ourselves in a position to be changed and to be change agents.

This is a good message to exhort and encourage a church to remain vigilant on the vitality pathway.



Preserve, Create, Discard?

John 15:1-4

Acts 10-11

Matt 13:52

We must always be asking ourselves, three questions: what should we preserve; what should we create; and what should we discard? This is a tool of adaptive leadership that can stimulate strategic thinking and encourage hard decision-making.



Relational Covenant


Conflict Happens!

Acts 13:13; 15:36-41; 2 Timothy 4:11 

The story of friendship and conflict between Paul, Mark and, Barnabas is a great lesson in redemptive leadership. Conflicts are inevitable, even among close friends. In fact, conflict can be the catalyst for truly great friendships between truly missional partners.

This sermon can be a healing and prophetic voice in the midst of personal conflict.



Becoming a Non-Anxious Presence

Matt 5:3-12

What is most needed in our world, in our churches and in our individual lives/leadership? Jesus is the obvious answer; but His non-anxious presence is the specific call for us a leaders. One of the best ways to appropriate His presence is to meditate on The Beatitudes of Christ. They have both preventative and redemptive application. This sermon can be used as an exhortation to build a relational covenant or to celebrate a new covenant.


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