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Congregational Vitality Pathway

RCA Farwest Region

Keeping the conversation fresh and alive

Here is something you can do with your consistory or vitality team to have a lively congregational vitality pathway conversation:

In the back of the EPIC participants guide on page 46 is a list of over 30 Healthy Missional Change Axioms.  An “axiom” is a statement that reflects a truism or generally accepted principle.  In this case principles that churches on the pathway have discovered.

Here are a few examples:

·      Plant Behind the Plow

·      Everyone changes at a different pace.

·      It takes change to make change.

·      Distinguish between the presenting issue and the root issue.  The problem is rarely the problem.


Print all the axioms up on separate slips of paper.

Fold the slips and put the in a hat. 

Let everyone pick a slip and take turns sharing how the axiom is or is not being experienced in the life of your church.

Ground rules:

·      Limit comments to 3 to 5 minutes

·      You can only comment on your axiom, no cross talk, debates or rebuttals.

·      After reading their axiom aloud, people may choose not to comment and may “pass” and lay their axiom on the table.  Anyone else who has not yet shared is allowed to trade his or her axiom for the discarded axiom.

·      Hold your ideas lightly.

·      Have fun.

·      Let the Spirit move among you.

You might be very surprised by some of the insights shared.  You might also discover areas that need to be the focus of further training, investigation or consideration as you move forward in becoming and remaining a healthy and missional church.


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