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Congregational Vitality Pathway

RCA Farwest Region

Five factors in moving from Critical Moment to Healthy Missional

Five factors from an ECC pastor who led the church from Critical Moment to Healthy Missional:
1. Timing of entering the pathway: We needed a vision that would help us be more intentional. 2. Development of the process: The pathway was unfolding for us as we moved forward. We were one of the test cases. This helped us feel important and special as a church.
3. Honest assessment: It took us a while to learn how to tell the truth about ourselves. Veritas offers a chance for the leadership to listen to the congregation and to let the congregation speak. 4. Attitude: Our attitude was not to find a quick answer. We began to look deeper, instead of being spoon fed the answer. The behavioral covenant helped us to break free from the vocal minority leading the silent majority. 5. Leadership: Both official and unofficial leaders were committed to finding a direction. The church now recognizes my gifts and allows me to focus on strengths. The leaders said, “We will take care of the rest.” The leadership of the classis and the denomination was very significant. We could not have moved forward without them.

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