Congregational Vitality Pathway

RCA Farwest Region


By now you have heard about congregational vitality pathway but may not be quite sure of what it actually is and how it might be helpful to your congregation.  The FWR Healthy Classes Team has developed a workshop designed specifically for helping consistories; staff and key leaders evaluate the Pathway and explore how it can be a process for being a healthy missional church in their unique congregation and context.   The workshop can also be adapted for a pre-classis event.

This interactive workshop provides:

  • An overview of the pathway process and what it might look like in your congregation
  •  An opportunity to discern the health of your congregation based on the four church types and 10 marks of a healthy missional church
  •  A taste of Veritas- the first of the three CVP all-church workshops
  • Discover if your leadership and congregation has the vision, intention and means to become a healthy missional church.

Contact Steve Norman to explore how the FWR Healthy Classes Team might bring the CVP Overview Workshop to your classis or congregation.

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